i’ve been reading this book for the last few days and it’s quite catchy. the new rules for marketing and pr, authored by David Meerman Scott. it opened a whole new perspective.

i mean, the things David says are all there, it’s easy to recognize what he’s talking about when you go online. it doesn’t take many clicks, even if you were web-illiterate until reading the book. but thanks David for putting all that stuff together and saying it explicitly. it is often hard to phrase the most evident and important things, because people have different backgrounds, speak different languages and simply don’t here you at first.

the book explains how to market your product or service or whatever it is that you do, online. i’m sure you can find all sorts of resumes on amazon or on Meerman Scott’s blog. i only wish to say that i expected the third part would adress less the corporations or institutions and the people that work for them, and more the young antrepreneurs who are interested in starting some business online. i haven’t yet read the chapters about blogging and social networks, but my expectations are high.

there are some reasons, though, that make some of the great stuff that you may find in this book inapplicable for Romania. i might spend some time discussing them when things get clearer in my mind. for the moment, i’m dwelving into these new rules and browsing for all sorts of tools that i haven’t heard of (like digg or delicious) or that i thought were airs and graces, (like twitter).

hey look, even this might be illustrative for where we are for the moment, in Romania. i think we still use the web mainly for fun and easy-found pieces of information, don’t understand it as a business or work tool. first-rated sites on trafic.ro are tabloids like can-can or libertatea, web-based games like conquiztador, e-jobs, sport newspapers like gsp etc. compare with alexa 😉